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Aarika Nieto

Fax: (629) 895-5502
Aarika Nieto joined the Wood Stabell team in October 2022. Her work at the firm centers around corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, and real estate. A native of Chicago, Aarika recently relocated to the Nashville area with her family. Aarika knew from a young age that she wanted to be an attorney and worked steadily toward that goal. That same single-minded focus and determination now benefits… Read More
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Lin Ye

Lin brings over 10 years of experience in big law firms. She assists venture capital and private equity funds in investments in new and emerging companies, and advises startups and early-stage companies in securities offerings to access the capital needed for growth. Read More
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Joanne Sowell

Attorney Joanne Sowell joined the Wood Stabell Law Group team in 2020. Her current practice focuses on corporate law and mergers and acquisitions. Joanne has lived in Nashville since shortly after graduating from law school and grew up in Knoxville. Respected among her peers for her understanding of marketing strategy, management, and sales, Joanne is also known for her commitment to client servic… Read More
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Casey Bloxom

Attorney Casey Bloxom has been a member of the Wood Stabell team since 2019. Originally from North Louisiana, she currently works remotely from Birmingham, Alabama, and concentrates her work for the firm in the area of commercial real estate. Casey chose to practice in real estate law because the defined terms of the transactions appealed to her attention to detail. As she notes, “I enjoy that a… Read More
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