Charlotte's Profile Image


Charlotte is an English Cream Golden Retriever who joined the firm as a puppy. The great tragedy of Charlotte’s life is that she has the intelligence and empathy to be a great lawyer, but lacked the opposable thumbs needed to fill out a law school application.

Without a degree or license, Charlotte still found a way to serve Wood Stabell as a pawalegal. She is in charge of greeting all visitors to the firm, and has been known to escort repeat visitors directly to their destination within the office. Charlotte understands that the legal process can be stressful, and makes a point of reassuring clients that her human counterparts have their legal and business concerns well in hand.

Charlotte’s ready smile and gentle demeanor make her a favorite with visitors to the firm, and clients of other offices in the building have been known to stop by Wood Stabell for a quick snuggle or selfie with her. When not greeting her adoring public, Charlotte enjoys long walks, chasing squirrels, sunbathing, and experimental jazz.